ProjectSQL is a group of experienced business and technology professionals who have worked with leading technology companies like Apple, Microsoft and IBM.


Our business model is based on a distributed workforce which allows us to work with our clients through our virtual office with limited onsite time. This balance of services gives our clients the advantage of working with the top representatives in our organization, without the expense of having resources onsite long-term.


We have years of experience working with private companies such as Hilton International Hotels as well as public sector government projects and startup as individual contributors. We have acted as a lead or SME to manage large project initiatives in the area of finance for some of the leading national banks, like Wells Fargo. 


Each professional brings their own unique experience to the table. We also have a large network of professional partners that we can utilize during our discovery and implementation phase as needed.


 Our Agile Team is available to support any size cloud initiative or technology-based project.


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